Chaos DoverspikeAndrea Doverspike
Graphic DesignerIllustrator
Modern Manticore3DVR Sculptor
PropmakerSignage & Wall Art

Signage & Installation

We also produce a variety of laser-cut signage, ranging from conbadges, to wall art. Woodcuts in particular are embellished with gold-foil inlay, thermal and/or prismatic paints, resin, gemstones, woven wire, and other materials.


Sometimes I also have the opportunity to work with copper & steel. Installation job for Red Stelle, in Austin TX.


Hides of veg-tan leather are laser-cut and hand-worked into a broad variety of armor styles & functionality.

Other Leathercraft

Leather tomes, collars, belts, bags, and other custom work...

Manticore Gauntlets

Requests for custom work is largely how I'm able to innovate. And wielding a laser engraver means that I can design shapes with tight tolerances.A several-year iteration of armor focused on dexterity has resulted in Manticore Gauntlets. Each set relies on detailed measurements to craft custom-fit leather armor with the articulation of metal.I currently have three tiers of Manticore; standard, custom, and draconic.

Wasteland Weekend!

Wasteland Weekend is a post-apocalyptic gathering in the Mojave Desert, a confluence of established culture & unique forms of insanity. This is an arena where all of our skills intersect.In 2014, we cobbled together costumes, a themed tent, and were introduced to Road Rash via a mutual friend. It was an amazing first year, and the reason we kept coming back for 7+ years.The sole tent soon became a modular structure, as we started our own VULTUR tribe. I had found an old 96' Toyota Tacoma and began to convert it into a dune-crawling, war-by-four.We're now members of the Dauntless Express Corp, who oversee the tribe and mission boards just beyond the front gates, and manage the Forlorn Hope Saloon.

2014 - 2021

Armor & Weapon Crafting


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